A Comical Look At Women’s Issues

From the heading of this post, you must be wondering what would so comical about women’s issues being posted on a blog that speaks about incest and sexual abuse. Well I have something that I would like to share with women about us and the title of this Post is actually the title of a little book that I wrote. Let me explain…

Most of us are aware that women or men who have been sexually abused as a child tend to be promiscuous and/or have anxiety around sex and sexuality. I have definitely had my issues around sexual behaviour and some of the choices I have made since the age of 14. As the years went by and I grew in wisdom I began to realize that most of us (women) abused or not, have experiences with our bodies that we don’t share with each other in fear of being judged. However, I have had a great deal of therapy and over time I have become very comfortable with myself and though issues with the body still arise for me, for the most part I enjoy having conversations with other women about things that happen to women in the bedroom, bathroom and with our bodies.

My openness and love of speaking allowed me to be comfortable enough to share some experiences that I’ve had with myself (and men); these experiences tend to be embarrassing or so I thought. What I discovered was that my experiences were not just happening to me but others as well. I also noticed that these stories and experiences were funny and created so much laughter and common ground. Whenever this would happen I would say “you know, one day I’m going to write all this down in a book”.  I have been saying this now for about twenty years and I am currently in the process of writing a book about something else that I am passionate about but I am at a “standstill” with it. I was worried about losing my writing inspiration that I decided to do something else in the meantime.

I finally wrote “the book” I have been talking about for twenty years. This book is pretty raw and honest but it is hilarious! It is a very short read, just over 30 pages. There are 10 scenarios in the book and I am sure that you will relate to at least one of them. The book is for pure fun and if I were a comedian this would be my stand-up. There is so much more material that I could have written into the book but I wanted to produce something that could be read in one sitting…its blunt and to the point. It is also a side of me that only a few of you get to know. I do have a great sense of humour/humor but only those close to me would know that fact. This was the easiest project I have ever worked on because I am not attached to the sales of this book or how well it’s received. I simply wanted to do something I said I would do…and I did.

The Book is now available on amazon electronically and the printed version will be available from amazon in the next couple of days. I am hoping to write a second volume but this time I will be adding experiences from women who have been and will be sending me their stories. The information for this is in the back of the book but email your own experiences to comicalissues@gmail.com and books can be purchased on amazon.com. They will also be available at bookstore at a later date. I made the book affordable ($8US) for a book copy and ($6.50) for Kindle/ebook.

And yes I will be sending copies out to my biggest supporters. I will have copies available for those interested but are not in a position to purchase right now. Send me an email at the above address and I’ll get back to you.


As I said this book is raw but does not contain profanity or sexually inappropriate language. It will, however, make some people uncomfortable to read about masturbation and sexual encounters with you man but if people were comfortable reading Fifty Shades…then this is a “walk in the park”. Trust me, women will be entertained and men, well it will make men wonder about what we are thinking about when they’re being with us. If you are a “born again Christian” you may not want to read this book because it may make you uncomfortable but how fun is life if we can’t laugh at ourselves. Remember it’s a short book; you can read this in 20 minutes and you will enjoy it… a lot.

Book Quote: “…I better give it to him now and hopefully this will hold him off for another couple of days. Okay, I can do a quickie and still have time to watch Scandal.” 


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