Abuse, Incest, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Rape

We Must take a Stand against Incest & Pedophilia in the Afrikan world

I often think about the problem of incest in the black community and the lack of support from family and/or community; and as I do research on the subject I realize that “ignorance is bliss”. However, when knowledge of the issue does arise, the excuse of ignorance becomes a choice. My own family has used the excuse of “we’re so ashamed, we didn’t know what to do or how to handle it”. After 24 years and access to information via internet and books, my family still chooses to remain silent and thinks they can “pray it away”. I found this blog….no, I believe God lead me to this blog (umkhontowesizwe.wordpress.com), where the writer speaks for all of us. So today I will use the voice of this writer. Since Jamaica is my homeland, I was touched by what was written regarding ‘Pedophilia and Incest in Jamaica’. Once again, I do not blame my family for being molested and raped by grandfather; but it was their lack of education and ability cover the truth that was a big part of the problem. So it is perplexing to me that they would continue on this path as born again Christians. Why would one choose NOT to make a difference if they could? Why would one choose to continue to be a part of the problem and not the solution? It is beyond my comprehension; but I do pray that perhaps one day I will be seen as a contributor to the solution by my own family, as opposed to “a shit disturber”.

Umkhonto we Sizwe! (Spear of the Nation)

What stand will we take against pedophiles who wreck havoc, emotional misery and terror in our global Afrikan communities? How will we deal with the internal enemies among us who have become so sick, demented and psychopathically deranged, beyond repair? Why do we feel that we have to wait on the courts, lawyers and the “judicial system” to exact retribution and true justice on these demonic citizens of our Afrikan communities? Is that not Our job to establish how these demons will receive their punishment? When will we decide that Our children are worthy of Our full & complete protection?

Will it be too late to truly heal and help them when we make up Our minds? Where are the warriors, elders, devoted mothers and fathers in Our communities who will sacrifice their freedom, energy and time to establish our Own methods of punishment for these crimes against Our children?

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