Abuse, Incest, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Rape

BULLET PROOF You Cannot Hurt Me Anymore

The responses to my blog has been quite amazing. Thank you for all your support. I even thank those family members who has taken a stand to be my voice as well. For those of you whos response is to be angry with me, so be it. To my cousins who feel the need to defend your parents honour, well I understand. My feelings about what happened to me are MY FEELINGS. My perspective on this issue is quite different from yours. Whatever was said on facebook as a negative comment was said without having a single word spoken to me. But if you had asked me I would have explained that I found it interesting that my minister aunt and grandmother gave or laon me money during hard times but chose to reject me shortly thereafter. Perhaps the money came from church funds….but that’s what chuches are for, remember. You also would have been told that I originally contacted my aunt because I wanted to be “water baptized” and wanted her to perform the duty. You would have been told that after receiving this money I was told by my grandmother that after having a conversation with my aunt, that I should try to get married first; and that it would probably be better for me to attend the church that my mother attends”. You see my dear family, the church was good enough to “lend me money” but I wasn’t good enough to attend my own family church. I was REJECTED FROM THIS FAMILY FOR THE LAST TIME. I was told to attent another church because of the fear of others. So fogive me, if in my eyes it looked like “HUSH MONEY”, of course they really wanted to help me; they just wanted to help from afar. And if they can sit behind my back and accuse me of being a thief and blackmailer, why haven’t they called to ask about the repayment? If they wanted the money back they would have called by now. But not one call since receiving the funds, not one call. It seems to me that I would not have heard anything about this money had I not started this blog. It seems like we are only hearing about it because I spoke up. I’m not “hushed” any more so let’s expose me for the theif that I am. Seems like the loan was forgiven as long as I kept quiet. I’m not quiet, so now you want your money back!!!? Hmmmmm, so thank you dear cousin for proving my point. If I stayed in my corner, you would not know about the money. Hence, HUSH MONEY! Hope I made that clear.

This family has no idea who I am. I thrive on the strength that God has given me. I have many gifts that I now use to help others. I am a Life Coach who must practice what I preach. I am not afraid and I’m fully prepared for all that is to come….the good, the bad and yes the ugly.

Those of you who will be hurt from this blog or become angry, let me give you some advice. When you become so angry, it is never for the reason that is showing up in front of you. Anger is deep rooted. Look into your own darkness; what is it about you that makes you so angry and defensive. Do you have something your hiding that will upset the family as well? Are you angry because your parent is in pain and has to face their own demons? I am not going to defend anything that is said on this blog nor will I apologise for it. You are all entitled to your own opinions. The negative response(s) is a result of secrets being held within this family. To all my cousins out there remember this….there is no condemnation in Christ, therefore I do not hold condemnation towards anyone. In Christ there is only compassion and forgiveness. So I have compassion for all of you and for those who choose to “nail me to the cross”, as my Beloved Jesus would do, I do also….I forgive you. Especially because ignorance is bliss. You cannot be wronged for being angry because you don’t know the truth. Besides, I’m bullet proof; you can’t hurt me anymore. So when you slap me on my cheek, I’ll turn and give you the other.


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